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Most of the honey brands in the market are using outdated technology. These brands are highly adulterated. Most of the big brands are mere aggregators. When one buys from middlemen the chances of adulteration are 100%. 

Most of the honey being sold is either adulterated with fructose syrups or made with sugar. Levels of adulteration range from 50% to 70%. This is where Svojas Farm’s honey differs from other brands. With the factors such as Trackability & S.A.F.E, Svojas Farm’s Honey is the best to buy online.

Svojas Farm’s honey is collected from the Western Ghat forests in Kerala. 100% Natural, Svojas Farms honey is farmed in the most traditional way and is free of refined Sugar, Adulterants & Preservatives.

Svojas Farms offers 100% Traceability on their products. Which Means a buyer can trace the origin of the Farms from where the Honey is collected. It will also help the buyer to understand the various processing stages through which the product came through. You can buy natural honey online from Svojas Farms knowing the exact location of the origin and processing methods.

Why Buy Svojas Honey?

Svojas Farms Honey is multi-floral and is derived from the Western Ghat forests and is naturally rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and multiple medicinal benefits.

Honey is derived from a multi-flora farming practice that involves breeding honey in the natural forest area of western ghats in Kerala. We ensure that Honey is farmed and brought to you in the most natural and healthy form and is 100% free of refined sugar or any other artificial content.

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Svojas Farms’s Honey is minimally processed. Which means they follow the traditional methods for honey collection and filtration. The collected honey does not over heated to maintain its natural medicinal benefits. Pure & Naturally Sourced, Svojas Farms Honey is rich in Antioxidants and Important Minerals. This makes Svojas Farms’s honey the best honey brand to buy online.

Svojas Assured Food Experience (S.A.F.E)

This is Svojas Farm’s quality standard to ensure highest quality products are made available to the satisfaction of our customers. We offer only genuine products and respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.
buy honey online

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Svojas farm’s 100% Natural honey can be bought online. They provide delivery overall India.